Best dog shampoo for Pitbulls

Try Silvet Herbal Antifungal Antimicrobial Shampoo sold on Nexderma when searching for the best dog shampoo for Pitbulls.


If you've noticed your pitbull has a skin condition that won't clear up, our all-natural Colloidal Silver shampoo can speed healing without any discomfort or stinging; you'll see results quickly.

Pitbulls are strong and beautiful dogs that can be prone to skin irritations and wounds. If your dog suffers from skin issues or has any sores, you need to use the proper products. Good hygiene is essential for healing, but some shampoos contain harsh chemicals and are not helpful in treating skin problems. Silvet is the best dog shampoo for pitbulls and other pups. It contains natural ingredients that will promote healing and keep your pet happy and healthy.

Is Silvet Dog Shampoo Safe?

Our shampoo and other products are completely safe and effective. We offer the best dog shampoo for pitbulls on the market. We use natural ingredients that work to soothe and heal skin irritations and wounds. Our special formula is safe for use around the eyes and mouth. There is no stinging or pain, so it is the best dog shampoo for pitbulls. You can suds up your dog without compromising safety. In fact, our shampoo soothes the skin on contact. It does not cause pain to your pet.

Natural Ingredients

At Nexderma, we are dedicated to healing animals naturally. Our products work along with other medications to provide your pet with the best possible care, without any side effects. The best dog shampoo for pitbulls contains 30 ppm colloidal nanoparticles of silver that are suspended in our unique formula. We do not use any harmful ingredients and the shampoo does not contain chemical dyes or parabens. Our products are cruelty-free.

What is Antifungal and Antimicrobial Shampoo?

Our Silvet shampoo uses our proprietary formula of ingredients that fights 99% of viruses and bacteria. The ingredients help to prevent infections and the shampoo is best to use on pets that have skin conditions or cuts or sores. You can keep your pet from a worsening infection and treat common and minor skin issues. The product does not contain harmful chemicals and it is ideal for pets with chronic dermatological skin conditions. You can use our formula on dogs, cats, and horses. Many veterinarians recommend our product as the best dog shampoo for pitbulls and other pets.

How to Use Silvet Shampoo

Silvet shampoo is easy to use. Simply use a small amount and work it into a lather on your pet. Rinse it off completely and dry your pet’s hair. Pitbulls can be subject to some common skin conditions and this is the best dog shampoo for American pitbull terriers. You will find that we offer two scent formulas including mint and herbal. Both scents leave your pup with a fresh, clean smell that also provides soothing comfort for sores or skin ulcers.


Silvet shampoo is safe and effective, so you can use it without fear of harming your pet. You can keep your pet happy and comfortable when you use Silvet shampoo.

At Nexderma we are proud of our line of natural products for pets. We strive to provide the best pet products on the market that provide relief and care for common skin conditions. There is no better way to care for your pet than with our superior products. We heal animals naturally with the best in all-natural pet healthcare. Shop all today:

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